How I Made An Extra $250,000
Last Year Buying Hud Homes In
Less Than An Hour A Day!

For those of you that know me you know that I have made a fortune over the last 4 years mainly flipping shortsales.

But… In 2013 the amount of shortsales available for me to purchase went down quite a bit.

While shortsales are still a vital part of my business I needed something to supplement my investing business.

One night I was talking to a good friend of mine who was telling me how he made over 500k the previous year bidding on HUD homes and how much easier it was than shortsales.

I took his advice and started implementing it in my market…

Within 30 days I had my first approval and
cleared over $70,000 on the deal!

As soon as this happened I knew I was on to something.

So I started tweaking the system… trying to improve the process and finding new areas to suck money out of the market growing this “side project” into a $250,000 revenue stream that I barely touch.

Also… I shared the system with a handful of my personal coaching students. A few of them are doing even better than I am with this very strategy.

In fact…

One student just bought 5 houses
LAST MONTH with this system.

It reminds me of when shortsales became a “hot topic” in the real estate world.

Some people sat on the side lines and speculated. On the other hand, I jumped right in and grew my shortsale business to million dollar profits in under a years time by seizing the opportunity.

Eventually every market can get saturated. Right now is your chance to get inside the “hot market” before it becomes a thing of the past.

Here’s What I’ve Got For You…

I’ve been getting a ton of requests from investors asking me to coach them on how to do this in their market and I knew I didn’t have the time to do this.

First… I run my Real Estate business and that’s my main focus.

Second… I take care of my personal coaching students who pay me thousands of dollars to get my one-on-one attention and cutting-edge strategies.

Third… I want to actually enjoy my life. =)

So I decided to do a one day workshop and teach the entire system from start to finish. I had a video crew come and record the whole thing and then I packaged it up to share with investors who are dying to get their hands on this information.

Here’s A Little Taste
Of What’s Inside

  • How I’m able to consistently buy and flip for a big profit 1-3 houses per month in a small market and how you can too (the student that bought 5 last month is in Wichita Kansas!)
  • Get tested data that shows you exactly what to bid on every property!
  • Learn how to determine what the property is worth without ever stepping foot inside it. (I bid on 40+ houses per day without ever seeing them in person)
  • How to do this entire process in less than 1 hour per day.
  • How to recruit/befriend/create a realtor with a HUD ID number that will allow you to put your bids in each day.
  • How to find and train a virtual assistant to take over this entire process for you for less than $15 a week!
  • Access to my HUD spreadsheet that tracks everything for you.
  • How to fill out all the HUD paperwork once you get an accepted offer so you don’t lose the deal (you only have 48 hours)
  • Have all the funding you need to take these deals down once you get them!
  • Discover how my system for rehabbing HUD homes for even bigger profits… IF you want to suck more money out of the market.
  • How to implement this easy strategy yourself and actually start making some real money with real estate investing!

Here’s How To Get It


There isn’t much information on the market on how to turn HUD’s into a business machine that practically runs itself.

Previously, the only way you could get this could get this insider information was by being one of my personal coaching students. Until now.

You can get the entire course for only $1,997.

Which is a small price to pay compared to the gold mine of HUD homes that are getting passed up in your local market every single day.

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